National Certificate Welding and Boilermaker

National Certificate: Engineering Fabrication (Boilermaker) and National Certificate: Welding Application and Practice.
Qualification : 66774 (58722)

National Certificate: Engineering Fabrication (Boilermaker)
Minimum Credits : 148
Accreditation No : 17-QA/ACC/1329/17
Accreditation Period : 14 June 2017 to 14 June 2020

The Engineering Fabrication is a generic engineering and trade related qualification that builds the foundational knowledge and skills required by learners involved in Engineering Fabrication. This qualification is designed to meet the needs of the Learner in a variety of engineering related sectors.

The NC: Engineering Fabrication shall develop learners to produce simple (uncomplicated) metal components using a variety of fabrication methods. This capability requires an understanding of basic fabrication theory; machinery functioning, operation and maintenance; engineering materials and tools; concepts of measurement; basic engineering drawing and development of components and simple (uncomplicated) methods of cutting and joining metals. The metal components that the qualified person fabricates will be vital for the maintenance and reliable operation of equipment and machinery in a variety of industries.

The qualification adds value to the qualifying learner in terms of enrichment of the person, recognition, and contributes towards the achievement of "artisan" status or other accepted progression route.
The qualification is structured in such a way that it exposes learners to generic and specific competencies required in the Engineering Fabrication industries. This qualification makes provision for engineering fabrication to be applied within the following sectors: