OPCA- Training Initiative

“Represents and Supports the interests of all Overhead Line Contractors, Individual Members and Training Providers in the Industry”

It is with great pride and joy that OPCA can announce and inform the Industry that the Business Training Initiative has now been successfully finalised with eight of the ten selected Candidates being declared “Competent” for the Electrical Line Mechanic Trade Test. All of the individual Trade Tests were conducted at the Accredited Powerpro Trade Test Centre in Heidelberg over the period 11th of September to the 6th of October 2017.

The Training Initiative would not have been possible without the Sponsorships received from the Companies – Powerpro Technologies and Training (Pty) Ltd and Technical Environment Training (TET). OPCA would like to take this opportunity to thank both Training Companies for their financial and business support received from the beginning till the end of the Training Initiative.

The achievement is actually a Historic Training Milestone in South Africa due to the following reasons:

  • The qualified Electrical Line Mechanic Base in South Africa has been increased by almost 20%

  • All of the successful Candidates are black

  • This is the first time in South Africa that eight Candidates have been declared “Competent” by a Private Accredited Trade Test Center


The Moderators and Assessors used during the Trade Test Examinations were:

  • Moderators – Freek Jansen Van Rensburg, Bradley Malgas and Bertle Vermeulen

  • Assessors – Pierre Labuschagne, Chris Blanche, Bertle Vermeulen and Bradley Malgas

The names of the successful Candidates which were declared “Competent” and are now qualified Electrical Line Mechanics are:

  • Divhani Brian Gavhi (Eskom)

  • Mangalibo Freedman Khumalo (Eskom)

  • Thokozani Ernest Ntshangase (Eskom)

  • Ndivhuho Matidze (Eskom)

  • Rhulani Gezani (Contractor)

  • George Mokeba Xaba (Contractor)

  • Risimati Happy Baloyi (Contractor)

  • Kabelo Molato (Contractor)

On the 27th of March 2013 the Minister of DHET Registered the Electrical Line Mechanic (ELM) Trade as the first of 126 Trades and Occupational Qualifications that the QCTO and NAMB had to Administer.

In 2016 the Wires Business in Eskom decided that the Accredited ELM Training Programme would be a per-requisite for the authorisation of anyone who Constructs, Inspects, Maintains and Dismantles Overhead Lines for Eskom (Including Contractors).

All of the successful candidates, who were now declared “Competent” at the Powerpro Trade Test Center in Heidelberg, were part of the original Eskom Contractors Academy (ECA) Training Programme Initiative in 2014.

Each Candidate had to perform Trade Test Tasks over the period of 2 ½ days at the Trade Test Centre in Heidelberg. These Tasks included:

  • Writing a 3 hour Theoretical Examination Question Paper

  • Completing a minimum of (10) x Tasks which included Transformer Work, MV Line Work, LV Connections, Cable Terminations and Crimping

Each of the Tasks have a specified time allocation in which the Candidates have to perform the task in. The time allocated includes completing a Risk Assessment, Selection of Tools and Equipment to do the task, cleaning of work area and returning of Tools and Equipment on the completion of the Task. The Total minimum time spent on all of the tasks was 12 ½ hours.

All of the necessary documentation for each Candidate has been handed over to EWSETA. QCTO will issue the relevant Electrical Line Mechanic Trade Certificates to Powerpro, where they will then be presented to the Candidates at the Powerpro Offices in Nigel. This momentous occasion will be Marketed and Promoted by all the relevant parties.

Cape Construction Expo

Cape Construction Expo

Date of event: 23 – 24 August 2017

Venue, city and country of event: Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa

Web: www.cape-construction.co.za

Event description:

The 5th annual Cape Construction Expo, taking place at Cape Town Convention Centre, is the Western Cape’s largest  building and construction show and biggest gathering of 3 500 qualified buyers and sellers for the entire built environment value chain.

In 2017 the exhibition will showcase over 80 exhibitors in six dedicated zones: concrete, construction, tools and equipment, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, digital construction, surfaces and finishes.

Expo highlights include the Stakeholder Engagement Forum hosting crucial infrastructure conversations for the Western Cape, the Contractor’s Corner which provides free training for hundreds of small and medium sized contractors, a selection of free practical training including Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accredited workshops and over R 50 000 worth of prizes to be won. There is something for the entire built environment value chain at the Cape Construction Trade Expo.

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Cape Town Expo



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Boilermaker & Welding Courses

New National Certificate Registrations

Powerpro has been registered with MERSeta in June 2017 for 2 new National Certificates namely:

– Engineering Fabrication (Boilermaker) and

– Welding Application and Practice.

Qualification : 66774 (58722)

National Certificate: Engineering Fabrication (Boilermaker)
Minimum Credits : 148
Accreditation No : 17-QA/ACC/1329/17
Accreditation Period : 14 June 2017 to 14 June 2020

The Engineering Fabrication is a generic engineering and trade related qualification that builds the foundational knowledge and skills required by learners involved in Engineering Fabrication. This qualification is designed to meet the needs of the Learner in a variety of engineering related sectors.

The NC: Engineering Fabrication shall develop learners to produce simple (uncomplicated) metal components using a variety of fabrication methods. This capability requires an understanding of basic fabrication theory; machinery functioning, operation and maintenance; engineering materials and tools; concepts of measurement; basic engineering drawing and development of components and simple (uncomplicated) methods of cutting and joining metals. The metal components that the qualified person fabricates will be vital for the maintenance and reliable operation of equipment and machinery in a variety of industries.

The qualification adds value to the qualifying learner in terms of enrichment of the person, recognition, and contributes towards the achievement of “artisan” status or other accepted progression route.

The qualification is structured in such a way that it exposes learners to generic and specific competencies required in the Engineering Fabrication industries. This qualification makes provision for engineering fabrication to be applied within the following sectors:
– Mining and Minerals sector.
– Chemical sector.
– Transport sector.
– Manufacturing sector.
– Other engineering related sectors.

Qualifying learners will be able to do the following:
– Demonstrate an understanding of a variety of engineering fabrication methods.
– Produce simple metal components.
– Use and maintain engineering hand and power tools.
– Adhere to Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental requirements.
– Communicate effectively in order to achieve personal, business and organizational objectives.

For more information regarding this contact us on +2711 739 4200 or at info@powerpro.co.za




New Courses

Nation Certificate



New Training

New Terms and Conditions

With all the legislative changes. Powerpro Technologies has now made available to all our customers our new Terms and Conditions effective from 1 August 2017.

This can be downloaded under “About Us” tab.

Electrical Line Maintenance

The recently launched and South African Qualifications Authority, Eskom an NAMB (National Artisan
Moderation Body) accredited Electrical Line Mechanic training programme that specialises in the
building, maintenance, repairing and upgrading of LV / MV power lines in Africa, will ensure that in
future, qualified people including youth will be given the opportunity to obtain a formal qualification and
coupled with sufficient experience, should be given the opportunity to select from a number of vertical
and horizontal career opportunities including, more specialised construction and electrical maintenance
work, should lead to the establishment of more contracting companies and create jobs in the industry.

Powerpro Technologies and Training Facility is not only accredited by various South African Sector
Education Training Authorities by also by one of only a few training companies in Southern Africa,
accredited with ESKOM to provide various training interventions including the Electrical accredited
training facility, (vendor number 0011065298).

Powerpro Technologies and Training Facility was also recently awarded EW Seta accreditation to
train and access on ORHVS High Voltage Systems operating regulations. (Procedure 34 / 146)
It’s clientele are vast and varied and include industries such as: Power utilities, Municipalities,
Electrical Maintenance Contractors, Telecommunication, Construction, Cleaning and Signage
Specialization areas includes LV, MV and HV Power line training and coupled with a variety of
skills programmes and / or single or combined modules that could be clustered together for a
client training needs.

These are some of the programmes / modules, but please visit the website for the full list:
• Tower Erector
• Tensioner / Puller Operator
• Jointing
• Tower Earthing
• Conductor loads
• Pole structures
• Fundamentals of Electricity
• Insulator arcing
• Distribution voltage clearance
• Line maintenance
• Clearance calculating
• Overhead lines vs underground cables
• Ground surveys
• Sag adjusters
• Dismantle
• Maintain
• Pole Mounted Transformer Construction
• Equipment potential Earthing
• Clerking and Handover procedures
The registered skills programmes for specialized Power line training includes:-
• Foundations
• Assembly
• Stringing and
• Regulation
Other training includes : –
• Assist to erect and access scaffold on level ground 2 meter high platform
• Erect, use and dismantle scaffold
• Erect and dismantle pre-fabricated aluminium alloy scaffolding
• Erect, alter and reposition and dismantle load bearing scaffolding
• Plan, organize and control erection, alternation, repositioning and dismantling of suspended
• scaffolding
• Inspect access scaffolding
• Assess a worksite for work at height and prepare a fall protection plan
• Explain and perform fall arrest techniques when working at heights
• Install, use and perform basic rescues from fall arrest systems and implement the fall protection
• Perform a range of advanced fall arrest rescues
• Assess a worksite for work at heights and prepare a fall protection plan
• Fire Fighting Techniques
• First Aid Level 1 – 2
• Truck Mounted Crane
• Counter Balance Lift Truck

For more information on any of our programmes, please visit the website at www.powerpro-training.com
or contact us on +27 (011) 739 4200

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